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About Us

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

It may seem like mind reading, if you don’t ask the right questions in the beginning. Stay away from design and decorative enhancement until you have answered the really important questions. What do you expect to achieve? What will be your methods for gaging success? Why are you doing this now? Once “every shareholder” has an idea of the goal, it becomes easier to communicate in those terms.

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Our Approach

After discovery phase…
you know, there really is no “after” in the discovery phase. Every project is a process of discovery that starts with a companys’ product or service needs and goes through a series of discovering the best way to fill those needs. Which means discovery and implementing of technical requirements, while considering marketing and shareholders, all the while keeping the ultimate outcome in mind, and incorporating a specific userbase.


Working with html prototypes has proven very effective for communicating to a wide range of stockholders, from user testing, application flow testing with developers, and management understanding.
Once basic layouts and interaction patterns are established on html prototypes, style guides are used for setting the “look and feel”.
More to come…


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