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Other Life

Shelter For Scott

Scott is my brother. I haven’t seen Scott in 43 years. That is until somewhere around the end of February. After hearing that an estranged family member has died.I tried to find Scott, even paying one of the “People finder” sites. Then one morning a friend emails me “Hey, I think this might be your lost brother” “I did a google search for Scott and got Scott photography” pure coincidence? After all these years, a good place to start with Scott would be the Scott of the present, here and now, on the streets in New York. During one of the coldest NYC winters on record, @benlowy comes upon Scott

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g for Gratitude

I don’t know what really made me decide to volunteer, except the fact that a co-worker told me she was going. Diane was pretty upbeat about the whole thing. Actually she is just a overall upbeat person. The moment seemed right,without a second thought I signed up to volunteer for Operation Gratitude. The location is close to my home, so in my usual fashion I was there at the appointed time, meaning I was one of the first volunteers to arrive. I spoke with a couple of Supervisors who are old hands at this, and they gave me the tour (explaining how simple it is and how the manual assembly

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New Year, New Walks

I am always excited to find some new trails to explore, within an hour of San Fernando Valley, in any direction. This year has started out well with some new trails in the Ventura area of the Santa Monica Mtns. We have had great weather, although dry, for January hiking. Wildwood Park following the stream to Paradise Falls Upper Cold Creek, looking out at the Topanga Trail. and the Ranch Sierra Vista area, still bare from a recent burn. Meanwhile back in the Valley, the geese are migrating through Balboa

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Sudoku Method

Everytime someone sees me doing Sudoku, I get requests to explain the process. When I started doing Sudoku I simply read that first book intro instructions. “one to nine” in each square, row, and column. It was a way to pass time, while standing in line or waiting at a doctors’ office. It was a sporadic habit until I reached harder puzzles that required several sessions over several days to complete. At different times along the process, I “discovered” certain patterns I had not seen before. I started writing clues to the numbers at the edges of the puzzle to help me remember. Eventually, I learned to write the clues

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Let there be light

Everything is going just fine. It is early morning, and my creative juices have kicked into gear after twenty minutes of inspirational surfing through twitter, facebook and linkedin. Like most mornings, it is quiet so far as the major portion of coworkers have yet to infiltrate the building with jabber. I have, at this point in the morning, a large open mind of space and creative energy flowing and it is time to start focusing all that energy on the project at hand. That is until… I hear, from around the corner, those distinct heels marching in this direction. They are not soft rubber soled shoes that are headed in

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