non-linear memories-a few

remember the creeky, narrow, winding stairs up to the bedrooms of the farmhouse remember pumping water from the well outside the kitchen door remember the outhouse remember cows that sleep standing remember riding on the tractor, while the father plowed the field remember the men going out at night to put out a grass fire …

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IN MEMORY OF JOAQUÍN SALVADOR LAVADO TEJÓN, QUINO, CREATOR OF MAFALDA “Mafalda, the comic strip, discusses and traverses issues of the world via means of Mafalda and her friends who debate themes including poverty, international relations, technological and industrial revolution, corruption, environmental destruction and more. At this point, reading Mafalda might sound like a dull …

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Cherry Blossoms

Due to unseasonably warm weather and no rain…a friends Cherry trees, in Van Nuys, have started blossoming. The blossoms are beautiful, now all we need are bees.