Lost in the Auditorium

the dream at the auditorium the start, that i remember, is i am going with a couple (who are dear friends) to a high profile music(?) event that we are all looking forward to. as we approach the auditorium, the crowd for the event thickens and i become separated from my friends. The immediate problem …

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music in my head

Laying in the dark In between my wake and sleep with no memory of the nights’ dream just this one refrain hearing music in my head hearing it over and over again “I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life” (Phil Collins) there’s the dramatic buildup and the drum roll hear it hearing music …

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Vicarious Road Trip

hmmm, this is giving me ideas. taking me back a few years to a series of road trips. an older Econoline Van that made it around the Great Lakes, starting in Rochester and through parts of Canada (where i smoked my first Gauloises). In those days there will still places you could drive from the …

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