Vicarious Road Trip

hmmm, this is giving me ideas.
taking me back a few years to 
a series of road trips. 
an older Econoline Van that made it around the Great Lakes,
starting in Rochester and through parts of Canada (where i smoked my first Gauloises).
In those days there will still places you could drive from the US to Canada 
without border guards, or any indication at all that you had passed from one country to the next,
if you car could make it.
Another friends older (Chevy?) van in Tampa, Florida that made several daring trips including the now infamous spring break to "the Keys", and into the Ocala National Forest.
With great music (fm, tapes - old skool), the older-still worn out shock induced "fun ride", various fluid leaks needing watching, the ever present smell only an older engine makes, and the heat it produces through that thin metal cover that separates the passengers from the churn and smell. And most of all the thrill of not knowing how soon something else would break.
then there are the motorcycle chronicles...great reverie