One Thing, I think

One thing, I think, is that I take every thing, every memory, every feeling of my current life past And I just keep adding and carrying the weight of it with me, because that is so much easier, albeit slower, to carry everything and set it down where ever I settle down, Than to go …

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physical dismantling

squeak…squeak…bits of wood like sawdust loosen with each counter clockwise turn an agonizing dismantling, not of this table but its past, my past, a dad built past so long past now, the wood dowels have shrunk and been re-glued several times, the holes in the mid-century modern plexiglass top re-drilled several times, so much sawdust, …

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the describer

i am the describer of events running out into thunder to capture the words to describe the feelings of the energy the effects of the lighting and the moment, in nothingness, where energy meets earth… and it is always at an unspecified time so i must always be ready… ready to surrender to an unknown …

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