Month: October 2015

She had a heart

she had a heart that would heat up and boil over steaming up the kitchen windows like soup on a winter afternoon and he was always ready with his bowl and spoon. (the word Heart is designed of found objects)

imperceptible fall

a simple scattering, leavesleaving trees in colorfalling in bramble, full of berry thickets and thornscovering moss covered rocks, allmoistened by the constant mistthat hovers by day, a chaotic metropolis,wind blown, playing with the sun by daythat thickens and pours quietly all around to reflect the moon against the darki leave the door open, i can …

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Orcas Island

the morning and evening are full of glow that goes from pink to auburn and like all things here, it takes it’s time forcing you to slow down and take notice while you breathe in the crisp fresh air, nostrils flared wide in expectation of the full bodied smell sweeter than any wine water and …

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