Month: April 2009

another bailout?

Looks like Lt. Col. bailed then again it may just be a piece of detrius from a failed flight in the Apollo 11 Model Aircraft Field in Balboa Park, Encino (where we walk our dogs)

fitting “earth day” mood

Woke up this morning to a lovely short video of artist Orlin Mantchev from Woke up this morning to a lovely short video of artist Orlin Mantchev on Vimeorecorded for Canada Culture.TV “using paint as a process of breathe, it keeps me in the present moment” Addendum: Current work for Orlin Mantchev on Art Cloud

Vicarious Road Trip

hmmm, this is giving me ideas. taking me back a few years to a series of road trips. an older Econoline Van that made it around the Great Lakes, starting in Rochester and through parts of Canada (where i smoked my first Gauloises). In those days there will still places you could drive from the …

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Always waiting for me to return from work. Baby affectionately named “Dirt” and “Mama”. Mama is a feral stray adopted when she decided to have her first litter at my house.

The speech the NAA should hear

The speech the NAA should hear published in BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis. I have to agree, i’ve been there. Regarding the lack of action for years in the publishing industry. I spent a good amount of time in publishing, in fact that experience is what led me towards the digital world.