Orcas Island

the morning and evening are full of glow that goes from pink to auburn and like all things here, it takes it’s time forcing you to slow down and take notice while you breathe in the crisp fresh air, nostrils flared wide in expectation of the full bodied smell sweeter than any wine water and …

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Not Much Changes

someone i knew intimately, over 30 years ago, asked in my presence (in a manner that doesn’t preclude an answer) asked out loud, while almost to himself, during a passing conversation… “what were we thinking?” in reference to our youth, the music, the dancing, the art, the dreams, living in the moment, the free spirit, …

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good morning sun

One of the enjoyble moments at my homeis the way the sun hits the wooden gateat a certain point in the morningas i look up from my coffee through the gauze curtains the sun, which has not risen to the rooftop yet,floods through a side gateto paint moving shadows along the back walland announce another …

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