mama quita

mama quita cat, my pretty tortoise cat Notice her rat toy on the left top of the bed, in the beginning. On the subject of cats…

Hello Baby

Baby “dirt” takes notice. i am trying out this “Flip” video, and as usual Baby is so engaged.

Sat. afternoon of updates

yes, just sitting here, upgrading software and trying to sync a desktop, a laptop and an iphone. I got the itunes update and the new iphone 2.0 firmware installed, plus a couple of apps (twitterificPro, Facebook, POP Takeout, and Jott ) what could be more exciting on a Sat. afternoon? (i can think of lots …

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Always waiting for me to return from work. Baby affectionately named “Dirt” and “Mama”. Mama is a feral stray adopted when she decided to have her first litter at my house.