Reading on the current state of front-end development

Another timely article “8 Reasons why Pageless Design is the Future of the Web” to add to this frame of thinking. We are on this brink of a better way of working, more appropriate tools in the browsers for the work we do in this “internet” medium. Time to let go of the old paradigm …

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Structuring SCSS and @media queries

i have run across a question on structure… and have not yet found the answer in this SaSS Reference. below i have  footer[role=”contentinfo”] and nested in the container is a ul, li, h1, and small styles. then there are two @media queries – i have nested the  footer[role=”contentinfo”] rules for each query is this correct? it compiles, but i’m …

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REM, BEM, Grids

it has been a busy week. Lots of inspiration driving thought. REM Hotrod started this discussion on using REM units The REM Fallback with Sass or LESS i’m currently using EM because of REM support issues. With a fallback , i’ll consider the move forward. Asuh commented yeah, i’ve already decided that will use …

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