Reading on the current state of front-end development

Another timely article “8 Reasons why Pageless Design is the Future of the Web” to add to this frame of thinking. We are on this brink of a better way of working, more appropriate tools in the browsers for the work we do in this “internet” medium. Time to let go of the old paradigm of tools based on photography darkroom techniques, and print publishing workflow.

Remember: don’t design, and then mark up. You must architect, and then design.


So much thought, as far as development in general. Many gems in this read.

Along with this, is this good read on the current evolution of front-end process  which warms my heart, as I have been pushing in this direction. It seems the natural and obviouos choice given the technical nature of designing responsive sites today. More and more of the work and thought process is within the architectural framework and interactive process of the web “site” experience. Working in html (the medium) seems a no-brainer. The tools for front end development are also improving. “your favorite browser name here” has a great developer toolset in the browser. And Alex Sexton is thinking ahead in this article for due to the fact that more and more of the web role is delegated client-side.

Update: DesignShack just published a great read about the benefits Designing using the Agile Method  as opposed to the costly waterfall method involving photoshop comps.