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dConstruct podcasts, overflowing with the future

I am enthralled with the dConstruct podcasts for the upcoming one in Sept. in Brighton, it is so refreshing to listen to technology/sci-fi/social IDEAS and take a break from tasks/debugging to remember the big picture. I have a strong urge after listening to these podcasts, to leave work and pack my bags.

Shared Friday Mojo Notes “tome”

Getting mind geared up: need to add to my style guide need to see if this can be functional w/o the overlay why oh why can i not register for ffffound? (Ooops! ffffound died in 2017) interesting screenshots, love the company premise (big data) INC article on RelSci uh, when i …

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A Couple of jQuery code considerations

Selector Efficiency A couple of recent illuminations regarding jQuery code that I am putting up here, for my review, and general share. This information came from a jQuery meetup in LA and a presentation by Christian Ziebarth To boost performance, keep in mind the following points: Don’t use the Universal selector (explicitly or implicitly). Never! …

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Reading on the current state of front-end development

Another timely article “8 Reasons why Pageless Design is the Future of the Web” to add to this frame of thinking. We are on this brink of a better way of working, more appropriate tools in the browsers for the work we do in this “internet” medium. Time to let go of the old paradigm …

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Connecting to TFS on a Mac

For over 10 years now, I have worked on a Mac with a .net back end. Depending on the tech teams setup, there are several ways to connect to TFS (Team foundation Server) method 1 use parallels, with windows installed, mapped to a shared folder install a visual studio shell (isolated) for windows8 for windows7 …

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