Playing with :nth children

Two fun visual playgrounds to help understand the advanced usage of nth-child: for a great explanation of how it works, start with Chris Coyiers article where Chris has his own visual tester linked at the end of the article. But of course, IE is late to the game on this, with no …

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Busy Day with Rod and Asuh


set up local server


settled on Sunburst color scheme

command + shift + p > start typing in text field – “pa” get to package install takes you to a list of valuable packages

to start writing zen coding

Minifying Tools

We all know there may be numerous tools for any job. Time permits, perhaps a cursory glance, before going with one tool. In a team environment the decision to go in one direction, with a tool or framework will set the path for years. Recently, i have been reconsidering the process surrounding the gzip, CSS/js …

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