Minifying Tools

We all know there may be numerous tools for any job. Time permits, perhaps a cursory glance, before going with one tool. In a team environment the decision to go in one direction, with a tool or framework will set the path for years.

Recently, i have been reconsidering the process surrounding the gzip, CSS/js minification and htaccess or web-config file settings.

Previously, i left the gzip, CSS/js minification and htaccess or web-config files to the “back-end”, the files were handed off to developers and it was to their determination. Over time, i have found the need to communicate certain requirements as the layouts become more interactive, and there is a merging middle ground. Mostly, if these issues are not prepared for – once the back end development is in place, there can be a real sloooooooow down, flash of unstyled content (FOUC) when there are layouts with a lot of json, and ajax.

Currently, i don’t have the awesome HTML5boilerplate in the templating process (although i swear my very next project will incorporate it). Part of the reason for that is the included negotiations with the server. Which means the entire team must be educated and on board with using the boilerplate settings.

Since i am speaking in the present, and that isn’t the case, i came across this tool, Builder, on Nettuts today. It looks like it would make the gzip, minification process easier on my end.


what tools are you using for this part of your workflow? or do you have your own “Build Script”?

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