Love bug season

It’s officially love bug season. Although i have been informed that this is not an official determination.

Spring Comes in

sitting by the French doors 8:00, it’s April evening dark writing by the light of the Pink full moon listening to an old John Prine song “that’s the way the world goes round” doing my memorial to his musical gift, and wondering who’ll be here tomorrow, i may be, i may not unless i’m only …

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To slow for photo

No photo …early to rise, with the first edge of light rising behind the row of cedars in the East. a half-waking focus, face cleaning, orifice cleaning,pull back the material covering the french doors, run some fresh water to boil for coffee. out the window over the sink, i catch the fast sauntering raccoon. i …

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PNW weather

The rain has stopped, The 40 miles winds have died down to a whimper The sun is poking through a heavy cloud cover that is still moving overhead towards some northern land And every breathe in the whole outdoors smells of cedar I’m in the biggest natural cedar chest… Hold on to your hoodies I …

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Good Morning Portland

Beautiful first visitOutsideFresh airCloud filled skiesBridges over non-troubled water Mt. Hood can be seen everywhere, in the backgroundof our walk abouts,Roof top dinner at Portland City Grill,great sleep close to Willamette at Hotel Rose,rode the MAX,walked the Waterfront Park, nowGetting ready for the Portland Saturday marketLove the vibes hereI’ll be back