To slow for photo

No photo …early to rise, with the first edge of light rising behind the row of cedars in the East. 
a half-waking focus, face cleaning, orifice cleaning,
pull back the material covering the french doors,
run some fresh water to boil for coffee.
out the window over the sink, i catch the fast sauntering raccoon.
i get the distinct impression he has heard my motions inside and taken his cue.
He is huge, and yet he walks past the window, without acknowledging my presence,
as if he can’t be seen. as if he doesn’t acknowledge me, as if i don’t see him.
And while i take in this first sighting of him to my waking presence, he is gone.
So No photo...just that saunter left in my visual memory.

Another instance of raccoon (startling me) at twilight, as i went out to view the full moon. must have startled him also, as he retreated to one of the maples.