Sleeping arrangements

Growing up was a series of sleeping arrangements two parallel twin beds under the knotty pine finished slanted ceiling attic boards where we would make a game of finding pictures and make up stories out of the woods’ knots and on often humid summer eve’s when we should have been asleep we would wind open …

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Lost in the Auditorium

the dream at the auditorium the start, that i remember, is i am going with a couple (who are dear friends) to a high profile music(?) event that we are all looking forward to. as we approach the auditorium, the crowd for the event thickens and i become separated from my friends. The immediate problem …

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Sat. afternoon of updates

yes, just sitting here, upgrading software and trying to sync a desktop, a laptop and an iphone. I got the itunes update and the new iphone 2.0 firmware installed, plus a couple of apps (twitterificPro, Facebook, POP Takeout, and Jott ) what could be more exciting on a Sat. afternoon? (i can think of lots …

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Sept. Full Moon

i didn’t stay up this late One minutes’ worth of thoughts and energy to sustain me for the coming month. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


From a twitter following, comes this delight. Na,Na,Na by Theresa Anderson. Dee-lightful, and a good morning to you.

A little insight

I frequently find interesting things while coasting around online, that I don’t have the time to immediately attend to. Those “things” pile up on my desktop, ’til moments when I ask myself “what is this”. Add to that fact, another irrefutable fact that I find the hours of 5:00 to 8:00 in the morning – …

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Lingering Spring

Probably one of the last cool days. One of those rare late spring (well, it’s officially summer now) reprieves from the heat. The evening sun sets late enough that it is still light on returning home from work (a rarity lately). The windows and doors are all open, letting the cats out to chase the …

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