Peace with the weeds

i’ve made peace with the weeds. they say the last stage of grief is acceptance. i have acceptance with my yard and its’ weeds. the all grass, green, manicured patch in the backyard, under the magnificent shade of a variety of trees has evolved with what is “natural” with 32 inches of rain and shade, …

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Meditation garden

Standing on the cliff overlooking the ocean at The Encinitas Temple of Self Realization Fellowship, in the meditation gardens. listening to the tide roll in. feeling the strong southern sky heat. Closed eyes watching time meander. in the moment. feeling now as then.

Winter flowers in CA.

Rosemary in January Aloe in bloom and daffodils, already these photos were shot very quickly as i exited home (for work). and i thought… amazing that my garden is celebrating the middle of winter with homegrown broccoli, while at the same time hinting at spring (daffodils) due to recent rains followed by a couple of …

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Fresh Veggies

As hot as it’s been this year, a few tomato plants have survived to the picking phase. Remember way back in March (it was hot then also, this year) trudging over to The Hayvenhurst vegetable stand for the yearly Tomatomania event and picking out a few heirloom plants. Picked up two Classico VFFNA (D) – …

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Lingering Spring

Probably one of the last cool days. One of those rare late spring (well, it’s officially summer now) reprieves from the heat. The evening sun sets late enough that it is still light on returning home from work (a rarity lately). The windows and doors are all open, letting the cats out to chase the …

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