IN MEMORY OF JOAQUÍN SALVADOR LAVADO TEJÓN, QUINO, CREATOR OF MAFALDA “Mafalda, the comic strip, discusses and traverses issues of the world via means of Mafalda and her friends who debate themes including poverty, international relations, technological and industrial revolution, corruption, environmental destruction and more. At this point, reading Mafalda might sound like a dull …

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Orcas Island

the morning and evening are full of glow that goes from pink to auburn and like all things here, it takes it’s time forcing you to slow down and take notice while you breathe in the crisp fresh air, nostrils flared wide in expectation of the full bodied smell sweeter than any wine water and …

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Prelude to road Trip

Yes, i’m getting organized (in a big way). I guess the nature of my work has osmosified my brain. I am now thoroughly organized for any life task with the same zeal used for A/B testing and code debugging. I have lists, and i’m checking them twice, as piles build to the ready. Life intensifies …

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