Month: August 2020

you jest?

sometimes, i think, i wish i knew what was going on in my mind, when out of the blue, of the quiet of nothingness, i become completely focused on some minute detail, searching through my resources doing further online research taking notes to share in hopes,  that what my vibrations and connections have revealed will …

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The sun setting and reflecting off the last high branches The wind moves reality Birds chirping evening thoughts Leaning back in this lounge Expectantly waiting for the rotational axis to reveal The new moon

Dear J*** 2020.08.03

Dear J***, Thank you for including me in your letter. I enjoy reading what you write, you have a heartfelt, insightful, yet playful writing style. i imagine that is like your personality, and imagine is all i can do at this point, not knowing you in person. Richard talked so much about you on his …

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Infinite Potential

i hope you guys do not feel that i am flooding your email each week, but here i am again… i just watched an incredible film about David Bohm. It is free for the next few weeks. it discusses the intersection of science and consciousness and of course there is a FB group to …

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fruits of labor

It’s that time of year again. Most of the figs are ripe (my biggest haul so far) from the 4 yr. old. And i’ve managed to keep the orchid, that i bought from Trader Joe’s, alive and into its’ second bloom.