Causality and Mathematics and form

Dr. David Peat “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”

trying to wrap my head around the following:

form is emptiness, emptiness is form

form is emptiness = impermanence (?)

emptiness is not a quality of form, there isn’t something there, emptiness is not a thing, emptiness itself is empty

“i” sort of understand that “i” don’t exist, from a point of view of time, i can see in many circumstances that “i” is just part of a particular “now” experience, a now presence, shared with all other “things” also at that particular point in time

“i” sort of understand the idea that the breakdown of form (physical things) into their smallest elements leads in the direction that there is no form, at the smallest level there is emptiness, even though it “seems” apparent that there are “things” here

but from my current understanding, i can not grasp that everything is illusion, that there is nothing here. If you get in your mind to where “all this is illusion” and “form is emptiness” – can you function in this world? Are you mad or is the world mad?

Dr. David Peat “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” – Dr. David Bohm