Understanding Content Strategy

Notes from Understanding Content Strategy with Janine Warner Digital Content Strategist Heavy content strategy SEO Meta data Quality control Team building For small sites you may create the contentOn large sites you may be reviewing the content Client is king of small Bureaucracy and politics rule the large Content Strategy documents = style …

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Weighing in on HTML5

I still hear late adopters, leary of HTML5 voice concerns. You know these people, they won’t cast their stone until something is a “sure bet”. And how do they know it is a sure bet? When everyone else has done it, or is using it. At that point, you are always playing catch up with …

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The Design Process Begins with Wireframes

What follows is a brief overview regarding the design process, which evolved within a publishing company, where I served as Web Art Director/Project Manager for 7 years. There the team grew from a core of 3 people wearing multiple hats, to a core of 16 specialist front-end designer/developers and back-end developers Evolution of business needs …

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