time for change

Some things never change, without any perceptible change,  Things do not change; we change. Change things, change is inevitable, change the course of history, change in attitudes, change in direction, change the world, change of pace, change in momentum, change is coming, policy change, change in expectations, change in position, change the channel, climate change, seasons change, change in …

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You live long enough, you will need to look in your own mirror, you are honest with yourself, you will know when it is time to raise your voice, you will do it because we are all one we are nothing without each other it is time for change over and over again and we …

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Dissolution of the team

There is little agreeable to coming home to a letter from your companys’ 401K and pension plan, to read that you are no longer eligible for those plans. Unless, of course, it is the day that three quarters of that company team has just been let go, and you are, so far, still standing. All …

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