time for change

shedding skins

Some things never change, without any perceptible change, 

Things do not change; we change.

Change things, change is inevitable, change the course of history, change in attitudes, change in direction, change the world, change of pace, change in momentum, change is coming, policy change, change in expectations, change in position, change the channel, climate change, seasons change, change in the weather, change of scene, change of plan, change of heart, change for the better, change the subject of conversation, change your mind, change in appearance, change of color, change that shirt, fit for change, a change came over them, change in condition, internal change, change forms, change within, change in expression, a name change, loose change, spare change, pocket change, change of address, left to change, chemical change, change back, change the unchangeable, change your ways,

sudden change, consequent of change, change overnight, welcome change