A Couple of jQuery code considerations

Selector Efficiency A couple of recent illuminations regarding jQuery code that I am putting up here, for my review, and general share. This information came from a jQuery meetup in LA and a presentation by Christian Ziebarth To boost performance, keep in mind the following points: Don’t use the Universal selector (explicitly or implicitly). Never! …

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REM, BEM, Grids

it has been a busy week. Lots of inspiration driving thought. REM Hotrod started this discussion on using REM units The REM Fallback with Sass or LESS i’m currently using EM because of REM support issues. With a fallback , i’ll consider the move forward. Asuh commented yeah, i’ve already decided that will use …

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Notes from Javascript Saturday Event

Chandler Dhall – Microsoft MVP INETA speaker problem solving/ algorithms worst case or Omega best case omega average case theta secure coding practices sanity checks validations (client side and server side) authentication authorization .asp top 10 object oriented principles principles do not change get the right abstractions inheritence encapsulation aggregation composition solid principles ┬áthere should …

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