Connecting to TFS on a Mac

For over 10 years now, I have worked on a Mac with a .net back end. Depending on the tech teams setup, there are several ways to connect to TFS (Team foundation Server) method 1 use parallels, with windows installed, mapped to a shared folder install a visual studio shell (isolated) for windows8 for windows7 …

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Web Design IS the Code

Update: Just finished reading Other Flexible Media: balloons and tattoos, which fits right in with the thought process below. This always happens, I start on a train of thought and I find others writing in the same vein. Just sayin’ “good” design is to succinctly take a concept and translate it into a tangible form through …

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Prelude to road Trip

Yes, i’m getting organized (in a big way). I guess the nature of my work has osmosified my brain. I am now thoroughly organized for any life task with the same zeal used for A/B testing and code debugging. I have lists, and i’m checking them twice, as piles build to the ready. Life intensifies …

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