Month: February 2020

First Latino receives Harvard Arts Medal

Rubén Blades is already one of the most accomplished creative Latinos in the world, and has made us all (chiefly Panameños) extremely proud. Come April, the living legend will be able to plop yet another line to his résumé: First Latino to be awarded Harvard’s Arts Medal… 1983 Amor Pa’Que Ruben Blades


“ Pisces seeks a love that sweeps you off your feet and whisks you away to a magical world.”alwayswaitingwith telepathy…so, when she finally got enough nerve up to talk to him, in the school cafeteria. It was all rather normal and mundane, on the outside. Although she had practiced ad infinitum, in her head, some …

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After several days of false spring, an angry sky rolls in on a fierce wind.


Gemini was standing behind a table display, at the edge of the beachcalling out with compelling confidence and gestures as if he owned that vast spacemeeting all he did not already know, with his open, approachable, friendly smileasking to join him in a sip of teathe tea was coolrefreshing during a walk on Isla Verde …

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Scorpio sauntered along the side wall, taking his calculated time,waiting for everyone else in the room to take their leave,then with mesmerizing eyes, caught her gazetook her hand and recited outloud her most secret dreams,dismissing her demons, making the sharing making them realmaking the touching making then real making the world recklessly freefall awaymaking now …

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