“ Pisces seeks a love that sweeps you off your feet and whisks you away to a magical world.”
with telepathy

…so, when she finally got enough nerve up to talk to him, in the school cafeteria. It was all rather normal and mundane, on the outside. Although she had practiced ad infinitum, in her head, some alternate universe where you practice what you wish to make real - in thought, and yet telling yourself that thoughts are things, so you feel in that moment you are sending out signals that surely must be felt - by your intended. so that you want to approach this reality with that certainty, that you have already telepathically voiced your desires and truth, that the evidence of this lays like dust on the cafeteria tables, that it shows itself in the sunlight entering the wall of windows facing West in the afternoon sun, that you have this confidence of this clarity of purpose. and yet to the others at the table, as you approach, already engaged in conversations of familiarity and agenda…it was simply an acknowledgement
“Hello”, “ How are your classes?”
over the music of “Hey, Jude” blasting for the umpteenth time, being requested from the jukebox.
over the layers of subconscious intention (undirected intention at that point).
over the lifetime of family trauma, only recently escaped.
over the future unknown,
over the present unfamiliar,
over the river and through the woods…