Sand Mandala Anniversary

“a sand mandala is meant to create a profound experience of compassion for any who attend. The positive effects of a sand mandala construction are believed to radiate out over the entire region, blessing the environment and the beings therein, in an effort for world peace.” It seems fitting reminder that today is 1 yr. …

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IN MEMORY OF JOAQUÍN SALVADOR LAVADO TEJÓN, QUINO, CREATOR OF MAFALDA “Mafalda, the comic strip, discusses and traverses issues of the world via means of Mafalda and her friends who debate themes including poverty, international relations, technological and industrial revolution, corruption, environmental destruction and more. At this point, reading Mafalda might sound like a dull …

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Infinite Potential

i hope you guys do not feel that i am flooding your email each week, but here i am again… i just watched an incredible film about David Bohm. It is free for the next few weeks. it discusses the intersection of science and consciousness and of course there is a FB group to …

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Rise Up – Andra Day

This is my energy going to you this morning, so don’t be afraid to turn up the volume!!! Music is the symphony of the spheres, brings it all together, sharing vibrations between our rainbow bodies! I am surrounding you all with love!!! I will see you soon!!! OM, shanti shanti shanti

Vicarious Road Trip

hmmm, this is giving me ideas. taking me back a few years to a series of road trips. an older Econoline Van that made it around the Great Lakes, starting in Rochester and through parts of Canada (where i smoked my first Gauloises). In those days there will still places you could drive from the …

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From a twitter following, comes this delight. Na,Na,Na by Theresa Anderson. Dee-lightful, and a good morning to you.