Month: July 2020

Peace with the weeds

i’ve made peace with the weeds. they say the last stage of grief is acceptance. i have acceptance with my yard and its’ weeds. the all grass, green, manicured patch in the backyard, under the magnificent shade of a variety of trees has evolved with what is “natural” with 32 inches of rain and shade, …

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backyard fireworks

human freedom,not some story told, of old,but here nowour ever changing communitynot tolerated, but impassioned realityour cooperative rising upof strong love and compassion,that star reaches,that vibration is the dream,this story we tellwe are still creating.

Kelly got 40

(hip hop rythyming) Kelly younger self trends, Kelly love her fur friends white wicker room with her white rat on shoulder pet, up on the high shelf, the Peter Rabbit book collection and tea set, Kelly love the hairy sheep dog, thinks she’ll be a vet Kelly got the true friends, no love for the …

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fertility godess

in this dream…i was the fertility godess for all things, i was the holder and waterer of the seed. spiritual love, with intention, included the body becoming energy through motion and the senses generating vibrations. i could feel color and levels of heat surge through me. very warm feeling, and woke with a smell of …

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