The sun setting and reflecting off the last high branches The wind moves reality Birds chirping evening thoughts Leaning back in this lounge Expectantly waiting for the rotational axis to reveal The new moon

Being here now

Be Here Now. Open your heart to sunrises and sunsets, to the songs of birds in trees and the laughter of children. Know that everybody (and everything) is the guru.. Ram Dass This mornings’ sunrise had multiple horizons and ascensions.

Today’s walk

Finished <4 miles on Mulholland, past the old Nike site, down to the old oak tree and back. Feeling visually refreshed. As you can see…storm clouds are rolling in for next weeks’ rain. If you look closely you can see downtown LA (to the right of center).

Fire in the evening sky

Hard to fathom that the night sky in LA is full of Sta. Barbara fire. I’m standing on the top of this buildings’ parking garage, which is swaying a bit with the hot, hot, Santa Ana winds. Welcome to LA summer, and the continuation of fire season (which never seemed to end last year) Addendum: …

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