Kelly got 40

(hip hop rythyming)

Kelly younger self trends,

Kelly love her fur friends

white wicker room with her white rat on shoulder pet,

up on the high shelf, the Peter Rabbit book collection and tea set,

Kelly love the hairy sheep dog, thinks she’ll be a vet

Kelly got the true friends, no love for the fake ones,

no time for drama,

Kelly got smarts, she got her diploma,

under her own weight,

Kelly’s flirted with the world, dipped her toes in the Mediterranean,

kayaked in Canada,

Kelly got creative streak, she conjures specialty drinks,

the girls’ a contender, take a sip

Kelly got exclusive private parties, Kelly bakes the sweets,

Nothin’ get by this girl, Kelly got it planned out,

got a job in Finance now, in downtown,

Kelly got deals, Kelly got class,

Kelly works hard now, no time to chill,

got a man now, China Paul

he lays rose petals at her feet

Kelly got cute house, on a mountainside,

she so blessed, 

she made two princesses,

go, go Kelly, go

you got a 40, you only half way there,

so much more awaits, time to eat your cake!