Month: April 2020

our lottery dream

what would i really like? the honest truth… that Bill and I would win a lottery jackpot tonite that has been a dream/talk sequence that has worked its way so deep into our friendship and conversations for so many years now,  as we play our special numbers, and we know what they mean to each …

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ode to house mouse

i really don’t like you mouses in my house, both you and your sibling need to move out i’ve tried everything to coax and encourage you to leave but you keep alluding me through the tiniest of spaces, next to the dishwasher of all places i’ve sprayed calking, i’ve sprayed foam, you just seem to …

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Scattering of thoughts tome

Global Days of Unity  Our dear friend Omkar Kirtan has kindly contributed a by-donation copy of the beautiful mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha – Clear The Path as part of his offering for the Global Days of Unity. Download via Ganesh – remover of obstacles, strength, ingenuity, when starting a journey or new project. Charles …

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Love bug season

It’s officially love bug season. Although i have been informed that this is not an official determination.

working on bliss

the “fake it till you make it” idea doesn’t really work in the karmic sense, before reaching your blissyou go through an internal process with focus and intent, that includes every thought and action passing  through the spirit, you can sit forever in chaos, it may be quiet and solitude, but it never changes from …

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sit in silence

when you sit, in your moment of silence, on your pillow or your chair, in isolation with those you isolate with, with intention or prayer, for the amount of time it takes to go beyond you, and the life you know, as you compete for heaven or resurrection, between fear filled jokes of this earthly …

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April 9th

and just like that, everything the roots of the structure that lay bare all winter, everything covered in a new layer of profuse color with the vibrations of thousands of the invisible insects and birds, humming chorus to the new light

Spring Comes in

sitting by the French doors 8:00, it’s April evening dark writing by the light of the Pink full moon listening to an old John Prine song “that’s the way the world goes round” doing my memorial to his musical gift, and wondering who’ll be here tomorrow, i may be, i may not unless i’m only …

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