sit in silence

when you sit, in your moment of silence,
on your pillow or your chair,
in isolation with those you isolate with,
with intention or prayer,
for the amount of time it takes
to go beyond you,
and the life you know,
as you compete for heaven or resurrection,
between fear filled jokes of this earthly hell,
don't forget the others,
those conveniently invisible...
those in crowded ICE detention,
those in mental institutions,
those in minority populations,
those in forever cells,
those with trauma and addictions,
those with immune suppressed situations,
those who've aged beyond you,
those to young to know,
those who have no formal education,
those who have no choice in their situation,
those who stoop to pick from your food,
those who train to heal your pain,
those who help to teach your children,
those whose guiding saves your soul,
those who have no chair, no pillow, no home,
those you think you do not know
remember, remember, remember,
you are the illusion,
we are all connected to you.