Month: June 2020

Rise Up – Andra Day

This is my energy going to you this morning, so don’t be afraid to turn up the volume!!! Music is the symphony of the spheres, brings it all together, sharing vibrations between our rainbow bodies! I am surrounding you all with love!!! I will see you soon!!! OM, shanti shanti shanti

history as myth

Very relative this year as we explore the retelling of our own history. History has always been told by the victor. We are now looking at including more voices and stories in our history. With a new story told, though, some of the old victors are now villians. History Myths on Sunday June 21 Lucy …

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fathers’ day dream

The most wonderful heart warming dream this morning.  i was with a group of friends, some new, some old. We were on an adventure, a trip. We were all traveling high into the mountains, and it was uncharted terrain for all of us, so we were staying close in our group, with our guides. The …

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the voices

I am in a forest of voices, languages and cultures, TM reminds me i am, consciousness starts with me;Dalai Lama reminds me all is love and compassion;Deepak Chopra reminds me i am, i am not, i actualize this universe;Tara Drupchen and HE Khenpo Choga Rinpoche remind me to rejoice in body, in voice, in positivityDeva …

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“The Arthashastra does not forget to warn the tyrant that he can never win. He may rise to eminence through ambition or the call of duty, but the more absolute his power, the more he is hated, and the more he is the prisoner of his own trap. The web catches the spider. He cannot …

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At the core of it

Protest “To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men. The human race Has climbed on protest…” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox I have been thinking of this often, the idea that there comes a time when you should raise your voice. Hopefully this comes after much internal deliberation. There is a …

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Meditation garden

Standing on the cliff overlooking the ocean at The Encinitas Temple of Self Realization Fellowship, in the meditation gardens. listening to the tide roll in. feeling the strong southern sky heat. Closed eyes watching time meander. in the moment. feeling now as then.