fathers’ day dream

The most wonderful heart warming dream this morning. 

i was with a group of friends, some new, some old. We were on an adventure, a trip. We were all traveling high into the mountains, and it was uncharted terrain for all of us, so we were staying close in our group, with our guides. The day was filled with the most beautiful mountain vistas, as seen from our touring bus slowly trudging up a narrow winding dirt road. We were excited, expectant, and full of laughter among us, as a group. Sort of group laughter. We reached an old stone building that looked hand built. This would be our eating, resting place before a final hike to the highest peak. Conversations floated down the central hall of this building, as we found rooms where we could rest and wash and ready to eat. Everyone busy unloading our belongings while discussing this next event. In the hallways, while in conversation with a group of girls, my father came walking to me. It was an unexpected but thoroughly happy meeting. I introduced him to this group of friends, then left them to continue conversation with my father. My dad followed me as i found my room and dropped my belongings there.

glass layers

My enthusiasm for seeing him flowed over, and i immediately drew my dad into the groups’ plan, and included him in our adventure. So dad went down the hallway to find a room for himself. I returned to the group so i could explain the change in plans to include my dad. i could see some were hesitant, but others were supportive. In my overflowing of love and enthusiasm, there was no question for me of direction things would go. I would go to the highest peak with my dad, and whoever else wanted to go with that plan. i could see that this event was what my father needed and something important for me to share with him, nothing else mattered. i felt completely understood what this event meant to each person involved and i understood what i needed to do. i went to find my dad and start this adventure with him. 

and that is when the light from between the window blinds grew stronger, signifying morning, as consciousness flowed into the unconscious and i woke. i woke with the most fulfilling sensation that my father was near me, around me, that he was at peace with himself and wanted me to know.

what a wonderful fathers’ day gift we shared.