ode to house mouse

i really don’t like you 
mouses in my house,
both you and your sibling
need to move out
i’ve tried everything to coax
and encourage you to leave
but you keep alluding me
through the tiniest of spaces,
next to the dishwasher
of all places
i’ve sprayed calking,
i’ve sprayed foam,
you just seem
to eat through them,
i opened the French doors
with the outside breeze
and swept the broom
in your direction
in hopes you would read
my intentions,
take the leap to freedom, out the door
it’s where you belong,
in the grasses, in the meadow,
not hiding under my cabinets forlorn,
so now i’ve taken a step i didn’t intend,
i’ve pulled back the lever on the trap,
and the peanut butter in the lair is wrapped,
take a bite and you’ll stay there,
and i’m hoping soon,
as i’ve not had a wink of sleep since
into my house you moved.