Prelude to road Trip

Yes, i’m getting organized (in a big way). I guess the nature of my work has osmosified my brain. I am now thoroughly organized for any life task with the same zeal used for A/B testing and code debugging. I have lists, and i’m checking them twice, as piles build to the ready. Life intensifies at the ready for a cross country motor home trip (LA to NY).

I will be testing out working on my laptop and uploading through github to work. I have already set up that repository. I have a shiny new verizon hotspot that will hopefully keep me connected throughout the more uninhabited parts of the West.

Testing the “4g” Verizon hotspot. So far this morning, i am only picking up 3g in W. LA near Culver City.

Now all i need is the iphone5 (soon).

I am still considering a small backpacking tent. (done) I envision i would like to sleep under the stars weather permitting, if there are no bears around (i think i wouldn’t mind the deers). I’ve slept in fields with cows before (in Florida) but this will be a bit more wild.