Fresh Veggies

As hot as it’s been this year, a few tomato plants have survived to the picking phase. Remember way back in March (it was hot then also, this year) trudging over to The Hayvenhurst vegetable stand for the yearly Tomatomania event and picking out a few heirloom plants.

Picked up two Classico VFFNA (D) – red plum shape, and two Lemonboy VFN (1) – yellow; oh and a lettuce, and thought i would try some string beans.

first pick 2008

The two Classico are full of green tomatoes right now.

still on the vine

While the Lemonboys, are full of flowers but no fruit. Not sure why – soil? water? less bees? Bill is sure his “secret” fertilier is his use of his dogs poop in-the-mulch-mix, but i have serious doubts about that.