Sat. afternoon of updates

yes, just sitting here, upgrading software and trying to sync a desktop, a laptop and an iphone. I got the itunes update and the new iphone 2.0 firmware installed, plus a couple of apps (twitterificPro, Facebook, POP Takeout, and Jott ) what could be more exciting on a Sat. afternoon? (i can think of lots of things, but nothing either financial or emotionally accessible to me)…

I ran across this photo from Jeremiah Owyang on Friendfeed*. It reminds me of years ago, moving from the smaller town of Rochester to “big” city New York, with several friends. I had a cat and one friend had a fearsome dobbie “Sven” who was trained to guard his owner. Sven would visit, on occasion, and usually my cat would ignore him. But once my cat was cornered she would inevitably get the better handle on things.

*On August 10, 2009, Facebook agreed to acquire FriendFeed. More on Friendfeed history here