The light of life…friends

It has been a heart warming 24 hours, receiving emails from 2 dear friends from different points in my life. The mind swirls in memories brought forth to this moment. And this is really where my tagline “out of order, but not chaos” comes from. At some point in my life i realized there were a lot of distinct “points of light” (friends and experiences) the come forth and combine and enrich current moments in unpredictable ways. there is no linear order to the experiences, or the memories of them, or the way they bind to other experiences.

it is not just total chaos either. there are distinct patterns and immediate levels of comfort or discomfort

it is, if anything

that drop of water in the ocean, causing ripples as it becomes part of the whole.

From Fletcher who is back in SE Asia somewhere, comes this great recording by our mutual friend Tom Passamonte

Well, the recording is lovely, and makes me feel all young again, and…is it ok to say… i’m literally dancing around in front of the computer and listening to this song over and over again. YES!

And back to Fletcher, i am trying for the umpteenth time, i hope i finally got this video embedded correctly to see…I so enjoyed your visit to LA and I hope you enjoyed the Getty view of LA with the ladies. Happy Birthday (Feb. 6th) Fletcher.

oh, and Fletcher…Sondra just returned from a little trip to Morocco, where she was fetted like royalty as part of the Stevie Wonder entourage.

then to add to all this delight, within 24 hours i get a short email from Jeff (college friend) now in New England, who has gone slightly…