Jan. 3 going to the gym, maybe

i am getting up the nerve to go to the gym, so far it has taken 5 hours (basically since i got up), i should get there some time this afternoon

it’s too cold, i need to take a shower, i don’t have any workout clothes to wear…etc.the mind is a funny thing

i’ve even picked all the little black chin hairs i could find out of my chin. there is really nothing else holding me back 😊 i’m going.

well, that didn’t work out as i expected. it turns out, i have to have an initial consultation, and since i disclosed the information that i have a scheduled appointment with a sports medicine doctor on Monday, they wish to wait until Wed. for the gym consultation.

so i went and got a lock for the gym locker, i am ready for this. and i will walk the block in the mean time and do my stretches at home.