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Structuring SCSS and @media queries

i have run across a question on structure… and have not yet found the answer in this SaSS Reference. below i have  footer[role=”contentinfo”] and nested in the container is a ul, li, h1, and small styles. then there are two @media queries – i have nested the  footer[role=”contentinfo”] rules for each query is this correct? it compiles, but i’m …

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coding today

it’s been a heavy thinking week, that is, considering the hours outside of work and pushing boxes on screens around. this is a very insightful article into the industry I am surrounded by Are coders worth it? and on a grand scale ethics on a world scale (hint: Edward Snowden NSA discolsures). All this while moving …

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Web Design IS the Code

Update: Just finished reading Other Flexible Media: balloons and tattoos, which fits right in with the thought process below. This always happens, I start on a train of thought and I find others writing in the same vein. Just sayin’ “good” design is to succinctly take a concept and translate it into a tangible form through …

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REM, BEM, Grids

it has been a busy week. Lots of inspiration driving thought. REM Hotrod started this discussion on using REM units The REM Fallback with Sass or LESS i’m currently using EM because of REM support issues. With a fallback , i’ll consider the move forward. Asuh commented yeah, i’ve already decided that will use …

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lunchtime blog

update April, 2013 lickety split, we’re bought and gone bye, bye posterous ——————————- April 03, 2009 lickety split, and i have a blog

RWD Thinking

Forget pixel perfect screen mock-ups. They are not a useful option anymore. structure the content structure the content functionality hierarchies produce a pattern library and a style guide of building blocks Stop thinking about “page” layouts. The layouts are complex patterns  of content blocks allowing the user to complete a specific level task or gather …

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Keeping up with Web Development News

A great list of Development Newsletters from over at ImpressiveWebs JavaScript Weekly Links for Light Reading by Russ Weakley Responsive Design Weekly SitePoint’s Newsletter CodeProject Newsletter Sidebar Webdesigner Depot Newsletter HTML5 Weekly CSS Weekly Alertbox Email Newsletter Nettuts+ Email Updates The Week in Web Design (.net Magazine) Hacker Newsletter The Smashing Email Newsletter WebProNews SMACCS …

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Revisiting the html5 document outline

Revisitng the html5 document outline, in light of this recent change from new text: “Sections may contain headings of any rank, but authors are strongly encouraged to use elements of the appropriate rank for the section’s nesting level.” If I understand html5 doctor correctly, I am using h1 as the top level heading …

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Understanding Content Strategy

Notes from Understanding Content Strategy with Janine Warner Digital Content Strategist Heavy content strategy SEO Meta data Quality control Team building For small sites you may create the contentOn large sites you may be reviewing the content Client is king of small Bureaucracy and politics rule the large Content Strategy documents = style …

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