end of daylight dance

it was light enough, still
the cloud filled sky, moving, ever moving, ever cloudy
while you skipped, hopped
through the yard, eventually balancing on several Terra Cotta pots,
sitting by the Jade plant, you extract one oval leaf,
and bite by bite you begin to feed

quickly with your front teeth, i watch
afraid to move, on the inside
of this glass french door, yet
i know you sense me barely two feet away.
i stay still until your white breasted bushy tailed buddy shows up, 
and your attention turns from meal to chase,
childs' play across the weeds and moss.

i rise from my seat
for a slow dance 
to Llasa De Sela on Spotify,
the dance makes me happy
for movement without words, an existential youth,
but i am not as carefree or childlike
as your bushy tailed yard dance