March Morning

Nothing but blackish skeletons in a dense fog At 31°, as steam wafts south from my coffee mug, Breathe vapor wafts south on my out breathe, the earth must be moving, Even the fog is moving south. Neighborhood birds are still warm in their tree nests, It is quiet enough, to listen for The sound …

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One day under the suns’ heat a huge part of the illusion we share with this reality passes, literally disappears. a discerning ear may hear the stress crack in the glass even before we see it. but on this day the stress line between the mind and heart has felt the shock and fractured. As …

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non-linear memories-a few

remember the creeky, narrow, winding stairs up to the bedrooms of the farmhouse remember pumping water from the well outside the kitchen door remember the outhouse remember cows that sleep standing remember riding on the tractor, while the father plowed the field remember the men going out at night to put out a grass fire …

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the commitment

every parent knows, after the existence of the child, the logic is different. it is instantly clear that the life of the child has infinite dignity. it is worth the grief, even if the candle is only lit for a short time. once a child is born you’ve been seized by commitment, the strength of …

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the describer

i am the describer of events running out into thunder to capture the words to describe the feelings of the energy the effects of the lighting and the moment, in nothingness, where energy meets earth… and it is always at an unspecified time so i must always be ready… ready to surrender to an unknown …

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This moment

This morning’s meditation was wonderful,looking forward tothis momentand this moment

Sand Mandala Anniversary

“a sand mandala is meant to create a profound experience of compassion for any who attend. The positive effects of a sand mandala construction are believed to radiate out over the entire region, blessing the environment and the beings therein, in an effort for world peace.” It seems fitting reminder that today is 1 yr. …

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