Always waiting for me to return from work. Baby affectionately named “Dirt” and “Mama”. Mama is a feral stray adopted when she decided to have her first litter at my house.

The speech the NAA should hear

The speech the NAA should hear published in BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis. I have to agree, i’ve been there. Regarding the lack of action for years in the publishing industry. I spent a good amount of time in publishing, in fact that experience is what led me towards the digital world.

February Moon

the quarter moon… the vibrant, larger than life Feb. moon that has been frolicking with Venus, of late so full of radiance in its shadows, that craters and lakes are visible to the naked eye this clear evening well, that same moon is chasing the setting sun this very moment a sun that lights the …

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The start up

A couple of old screenshots of interfaces for products while working at, which became, which is still running. At the time I worked there, “101” was a “startup” in the heyday of web design, and the full blown escalation of “the internet of all things”. Many of the first employees were former print …

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Sept. Full Moon

i didn’t stay up this late One minutes’ worth of thoughts and energy to sustain me for the coming month. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


From a twitter following, comes this delight. Na,Na,Na by Theresa Anderson. Dee-lightful, and a good morning to you.

A little insight

I frequently find interesting things while coasting around online, that I don’t have the time to immediately attend to. Those “things” pile up on my desktop, ’til moments when I ask myself “what is this”. Add to that fact, another irrefutable fact that I find the hours of 5:00 to 8:00 in the morning – …

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