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Micah, Absolutely, I tried importing automatically through Wordpress using Wordpress Importer, and Posterous methods. Neither worked fully. I ended up doing an export of XML from Posterous, and manually recreating the posts, in Wordpress *ugh* . Part of the problem was bringing embedded images over. I have had this problem, even when switching from one wordpress theme to another. You can not ftp image files into the wordpress image directory and have the wordpress db acknowledge them in the library.I found this old discussion HERE, and in my experience this had not changed.The only way I was successful was to import the images "through" the library interface (that needs improvement), then re-associate them with the posts. I was not successful with batch importing either. I think the media library is an area WP can look to update.


Have you imported your posts from Posterous to this WP blog? I think it's possible and that way you won't lose that stuff or images.


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