Transitional thought

it is the start of another transitional day around the sun, and what a day it is, in the middle of this universal transformation.
and what an unprepared idiot i am for all of it,
 i follow digital media channels like a dandelion in spring - borne on the wind, everywhere
 i have no filters, flowering everywhere,
 but being as physically separated as we currently are and knowing that time and place don’t exist (at least i understand that)
 i send you the healing prayer that lights my candle each sundown. 
 i found this prayer online through a channeler,
 like many things i had no clue what it all meant,
but the words vibrated for me, so i have continued the vibration...
 i have not had visions that others seem to experience,
 i do not know (except through my reality),
 i do jump off the cliff, without looking (more than i would care to publicly acknowledge),
 and mostly it is not out of reasoned experience, 
 it is pure dumb luck that i have survived at all,
 but this prayer
 it felt right, and like many things, 
 i work with feelings, 
 so here it is, 
 if any of it makes sense, know that i am joined with you,
 each evening,
 each revolution,
 each lifetime, 
 i do not know, but i have a feeling that this is never ending,
 "May all diseases seen and unseen, known and unknown be fully transformed
 into Ultimate Love, Ultimate understanding and purest essence.
 Please may I be a purified, omnipotent, innocent instrument of Ultimate Source.
 As this pure instrument of Ultimate Source,
 I endeavour to deliver empowering, enlightening evidence of eternal, infinite love.
 Furthermore, I endeavour to be a pure, innocent instrument of Divine grace
 to facilitate profound healing and to illuminate through generous wisdom of interdimensional healing love.
 May Divine Love, Light and compassion heal all bodies, minds, Souls and Spirits.
 May all wounds, seen and unseen, heard and unheard, felt and those not unfelt,
 known and unknown, be cleansed, removed and able to completely, fully heal.
 I pray as higher vibrations are infused into all experiences that any habits which no longer serve to be washed away.
 I pray that all beings are fully receptive to Ultimate Love and the highest and best.
 May all present and unified eternal experiences bring bliss, wisdom and enlightening eternal, interdimensional expanding connectedness to Ultimate Oneness in unity with infinite omnipresent pure Source." - Sapphire