Evening Early Summer

from my booklet “words within 2018”

it is that time of the evening, when
one can hear the many birds
final roosting talk for evening, through
closed windows, while 
shadows have become non-existent
as the sky relaxes, no longer
bearing the weight of the sun, while
the clouds fold into each other
obscuring the blue, but not
altogether threatening yet
of a rain release, while
the wind sets the leaves on the long branches stirring
and carries the last of the persistent crows
back and forth across my vision
to rest
as the rabbits, bees, and squirrels are
already counting sheep
and the grazing sheep have returned
to their pasture barn, while periodically
a pine cone drops off one Douglas Fir branch
60 feet or more high, causing an attention grabbing “thud”
on the roof, before
rolling down to rest
in the wild yard, between
the spent dandelions and tall grass